Rebecca Brown

Rebecca Brown is a former director and producer of theatre who currently resides with her family in West Fulton where she teaches yoga and Pilates.

Kirsty Gaukel

Kirsty Gaukel hails from Scotland and when not enjoying exploring the region with her tent, husband and two dogs, does marketing for an off-broadway theatre.

Liz Rosier

Liz fell in love with West Fulton 15 years ago when she stopped to visit a friend and has been spending as much time here ever since. Formerly an actor's agent, she now manages a variety of artists, including, actors, directors, writers, puppeteers and directors. She has had the great fortune to have spent the last 23 years with Ruth Sternberg.

Kat Schaufelberger

Kat Schaufelberger

Kat Schaufelberger has been a proud member of the West Fulton community since 2012. She has spent the last 10 years in hospitality. Kat divides her time between West Fulton, Brooklyn, and Austin TX with her husband and their son (dog), Monkeybear Elizabeth.

Ruth Sternberg


Ruth Sternberg is a theater professional in New York City who has been spending as much time as possible in West Fulton for the last fifteen years.